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Beyond Happiness -meditaatioluento Vaasassa ma 25.3.2024!

Australialainen Prachar Stegemann tulee Vaasaan maanantaina 25. maaliskuuta 2024 klo 18.30 luennoimaan meditaatiosta teemalla Beyond Happiness.

Luentopaikkana on Pilatesstudio Västervik (Västervikin huvilatie 7, 65280 Vaasa) ja luento pidetään englanniksi.

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PRACHAR STEGEMANN, a musician by training, has followed Sri Chinmoy’s teachings for over 40 years in a lifelong quest for deeper understanding, connection and fulfilment. Leader of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre and director of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Canberra, Australia, Prachar has offered lectures and seminars on meditation and the spiritual life in over 40 countries. His weekly blog “Meditation Matters” is published every Thursday.

Luennon sisältö

Your personal pathway to perfection

  • establish your daily practice
  • deepen your meditation
  • unlock your boundless potential
  • transform the world, starting within

…be inspired

Inspiration is the guiding star of our spiritual life: the spark that awakens us from inertia, rekindles our love of life, and points us on the pathway to perfection. Without inspiration, we cannot grow, progress or succeed. But where to find inspiration, and how to keep it ever aglow?

…be happy

Happiness seems ever just around the corner. We grasp it … it slips through our fingers. True happiness cannot be founded on outer circumstance, actions or renown, which are ephemeral. Happiness is a state of being, an effulgence of our soul, not contingent on anything moveable or variable. But how to attain, and maintain this elusive state?

…be grateful

Gratitude is the master key to open all hearts, starting with our own. Our most loyal friend, gratitude sweetens, lightens and purifies our consciousness; obliterates negativity, overcomes obstacles and quickens our spiritual progress. But what exactly is gratitude, and how can we attain this treasure?

…be true

We cannot be true to ourselves, if we do not know ourselves. We are not our physical appearance, our moods, opinions, beliefs or even our personality. We are our soul. To embody truth and authenticity, we needs must live in and from our soul. But where and what is the soul, and how to commence our search?

…be sure

We are uncertain and insecure because we rely on our thoughts, emotions and beliefs, which are changeable as the weather. Only our spiritual heart lives in permanent sunshine, so to be safe and sure, we must realign our sense of self with our spiritual heart. But how to relocate our dwelling to our heart-home?

…be free

For millennia we have fought for freedom – religious, political, economic, intellectual, creative and personal freedom. We are now more free than ever. And yet – we remain enslaved to our own thoughts, fears, desires and delusions. But how to liberate ourselves from ourselves, and fly high in the freedom-sky?

…be YOU

YOU are the apple of God’s Eye. You are all you ever hoped or dreamt or longed for – and much, much more. You embody your highest ideal, spanning heaven and earth. You are the promise of world-transformation, the pre-dawn of perfection.